Staff at our Rockingham Clinic support local 5 year old with cerebral palsy

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week, which occurred from 1 – 7 August of this year provided the perfect opportunity for the staff at Perth Radiological Clinic’s Rockingham branch to demonstrate their caring and compassionate nature when they agreed to a fundraiser in support of one of CP week’s Stars, five year old Kaisah.

Kaisah has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, which affects her movement and her vocal chords. With help from The Centre for Cerebral Palsy Kaisah recently trialled a communication device that essentially gave her a voice for the first time in her life, and enabled her to talk to her family, friends and teachers.   After observing the benefits the device offered Kaisah during the one month trial, the government provided Kaisah’s family with part of the money to purchase the device.

The staff at Perth Radiological Clinic’s Rockingham Branch heard about Kaisah’s situation and were very excited to organise a fundraising free-dress day at their clinic in order to raise the extra funds required for Kaisah’s family to purchase the communication device.

Staff had to donate money to participate in the free-dress day. They also received many generous donations from patients attending the clinic on the day of the fundraiser.  An added incentive came from Perth Radiological Clinic’s General Manager, Mrs Lenka Psar-McCabe, who announced that the Practice would match the money raised by the local staff and patients.

A great day was had by all the staff and they were very pleased to donate a grand total of $700 to Kaisah and her family so that she could have her very own communication device and perhaps one day realise her dream of becoming a TV presenter for Play School.