Perth Radiological Clinic expands its services in Midland

Perth Radiological Clinic commenced operations in the radiology department of the new Midland Public Hospital, opened on Tuesday 24 November 2015.

The new hospital department provides a comprehensive radiology service including a brand new MRI scanner, two new state of the art low radiation dose CT scanners, ultrasound services ( including pregnancy scans, scans of the abdomen,  blood vessels and joint and tendon scans), and general x-rays.

The new department also includes a complete nuclear medicine clinic, which was relocated from the Practice’s sister clinic located at 21 Victoria Street in Midland, essentially across the railway line from the hospital.

The clinic at Victoria Street will continue to operate as usual and services provided onsite include;

  • a comprehensive ultrasound service including breast, pregnancy, vascular, joint and tendon scans, thyroid and abdominal ultrasound,
  • MRI scans,
  • two low radiation dose CT scanners,
  • x-ray services and,
  • image guided injections and biopsies.