Perth Radiological Clinic determined to stay Leaders in Medical Imaging

Perth Radiological Clinic’s partners have just announced they have invited Australian private equity fund manager Allegro Funds to lead a minority investment with Australia’s First State Super and the Accident Compensation Corporation of New Zealand into PRC in conjunction with the existing partners.

In today’s fast moving medical environment, the ability to be able to continue to keep investing in revolutionary new technology and continue to attract the best and most talented people, are two of the hallmarks of a leader in the medical imaging field. But to lead, a successful medical imaging business today needs more.

Like all businesses, it needs a commitment to excellence, passion for innovation, a desire to learn from other industries, a will to follow through innovative ideas with a robust, consultative and open change management process. It needs to find better ways of working, while maintaining its reason for being – excellence in the provision of medical imaging services to its patients and referrers.

Because PRC is all of this and more, the partners have chosen Allegro. Importantly, the PRC partner radiologists will continue to manage the practice. But the exciting future for PRC is being able to work closely with Allegro to leverage off each other’s expertise. Allegro will be able to bring their experiences of helping to create resilient and agile businesses through organisational change, system and process improvements, development and extension of existing staff knowledge and expertise. Allegro will bring their world class organisational skills and business acumen. PRC will continue to provide an outstanding medical imaging service. Together, these two will create a quantum leap in how medical partnerships can embrace the future.

While PRC was founded in 1948, and we are justly proud of our amazing 70 plus year history to date, it is our focus on the future that sets us apart. Today, standing still is going backwards. This newly formed alliance will enable PRC to grow and continue to look after the people of Perth’s medical imaging needs in a way that offers them confidence in both the excellence of the technical and medical aspects as well as excellence and convenience in the service provision aspects of the practice. It will allow what is now the future to be very quickly incorporated into the service of today.

PRC Chairman, Dr Martin Blake, said “We are excited to be working with the Allegro team to drive the next phase of transformation with a partner who understands our business and the opportunities available and where there is complete alignment of interest. We are privileged to provide imaging services in Perth and we look forward to extending our service offerings”

To paraphrase John Quincy Adams: If our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, Perth Radiological Clinic will continue to be Leaders in Medical Imaging.