Perth Radiological Clinic Research: helping bring new technology to Perth and the world

Dr Martin Blake, Perth Radiological Clinic Chairman, is excited to announce that Perth Radiological Clinic has been chosen to collaborate with GE, one of the world’s leading innovators in radiology technology.

The GE – Perth Radiological Clinic collaboration was announced on Monday, Chicago time at the commencement of the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 2019 annual meeting, the meeting the medical imaging world recognises as the place cutting edge technology and the latest research is launched.

“I am immensely proud that Perth Radiological Clinic has been chosen to be one of a handful of sites selected internationally to collaborate with GE on two Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. This teamwork and collaboration is on track to deliver a huge milestone in advancing the use of AI in medical imaging. AI is particularly applicable in situations demanding swift classification and prediction, especially when data is well-defined and of good quality. I am proud that the excellence of our radiologists has been recognised worldwide in this esteemed setting and we are looking forward to working closely with GE on these two projects.”
GE launched their latest CT, the Revolution Maxima, powered by innovative AI technology that comes with automatic positioning. This next generation technology helps enable patient centering, optimising radiation dose and image quality while avoiding patient positioning errors. This new technology will especially assist patients who find it difficult to lay still in the CT scanner.
Perth Radiological Clinic is looking forward to taking delivery of the first Revolution Maxima CT in the Australia – New Zealand region, and working closely with GE to optimise the AI innovation.
Perth Radiological Clinic has also collaborated with GE to collect raw CT data from two of its EVO scanners that have been analysed by GE’s AI tool, Deep Learning Image Reconstruction (DLIR), to generate True Fidelity™ images. These True Fidelity™ images have been reviewed by Perth Radiological Clinic radiologists locally for comparison to the original scans. Perth Radiological Clinic’s collaboration has contributed to GE’s submission to the US Federal Food and Drug Administration for licensing this innovation.

“I am extremely proud that some of these image reviews have been featured this week at RSNA, referenced globally to Perth Radiological Clinic” said Martin Blake. To paraphrase Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Artificial Intelligence and machine-based adaptive learning represent the next great frontier for radiology.