The face mask issue

Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) wants to assure everyone that we are strictly adhering to the current Commonwealth Government’s Covid-19 recommendations on the use of face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are closely monitoring these recommendations on a daily basis and making changes to our practices as recommendations are updated.

The appropriateness of the use PPE in the health arena is one part of a specialised area of study in itself: “Infection Control in the Clinical Setting”.

Our PPE policy reflects the Commonwealth Covid-19 recommendations. The best minds in Australia trained and specialised in this area have and are reviewing all relevant information as it becomes available across the world to make these recommendations for when, what and how PPE should be used.

There has been a lot of community discussion about the value of the use of face masks. We understand many are worried and are reading information from many sources advocating all sorts of things.

Be assured PRC continues to follow the best clinical advice available from the Commonwealth Government’s team of experts advising on the subject. In support of this, a recent statement from the Australian Medical Association also takes its advice on the PPE issue from the same group. See an excerpt below confirming the appropriateness of PRCs current approach to the use of face masks in the general setting of well patients with no indication of suspicion of Covid-19.

Federal AMA Vice President, Dr Chris Zappala stated on 3rd April 2020, “COVID-19 Transmission and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Based on emerging evidence regarding COVID-19, current Commonwealth recommendations regarding PPE remain appropriate. This reinforces the expert view that:

Routine care of non-COVID patients can proceed as usual with standard precautions only. There is no need to apply extra precautions or use P2masks for non-COVID patients (excepting those who are suspect cases who are undergoing further testing).”