57712x-ray - hip joint
57715x-ray - pelvic girdle
58100x-ray - cervical spine
58103x-ray - thoracic spine
58106x-ray - lumbosacral spine
58109x-ray - sacrococcygeal spine
58112x-ray - spine; two examinations of the kind referred to in items 58100, 58103, 58106 and 58109
58500x-ray - chest (limited rebate)
57706x-ray - clavicle (limited rebate)
57518x-ray - foot, ankle, leg, knee or femur (limited rebate)
57524x-ray - foot and ankle, ankle and leg, leg and knee or knee and femur (limited rebate)
57506x-ray - hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and humerus (limited rebate)
57512x-ray - hand and wrist, hand wrist and forearm, forearm and elbow or elbow and humerus (limited rebate)
57700x-ray - shoulder or scapula (limited rebate)