Sources of funding

PRCL will provide all administration duties for the fund at no charge

PRCL’s staff will have the opportunity to donate directly from their pretax salary on a fortnightly basis so the tax benefit from the donation is immediate

The patients of PRC will be able to donate directly to the PerthRadClinic Foundation and receive a tax deductible receipt

Criteria for charities (recipients)

There are some fundamental criteria that any charity or research organisation must address to be considered for donation.

The charity must be a registered gift recipient (i.e. has an Australian Business Number and endorsement as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This can be checked here:

The gift recipient must be aligned with the objectives and mission statement of the Foundation.

There must be reasonable and prudent operating cost structures.

Criteria for funding

There will be a maximum investment in any one charity or project per year as determined by the following guidelines but will be ultimately at the discretion of the Directors of the Foundation.

Sponsoring staff participating in charitable activities:

For staff to be sponsored the charity must be a registered gift recipient to which the PerthRadClinic Foundation can contribute and meet the goals of the PRC Foundation mission statement.

Staff can apply for co-sponsorship of events they directly participate in and raise funds for, with a total pool of $20,000 available every six months; equating to a total of $40,000 per year. This will be based on the PerthRadClinic Foundation matching the contributions of the staff with the following caps per year.

Maximum contributions of $1,000 per single staff member per event, subject to team cap.

Local clinic team maximum contributions of $2,500 with a cap of $5,000 per event across the organisation which will be prorated according to the amount raised by each participant.

Other potential charitable events that the PerthRadClinic Foundation aims to support:-

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: McGrath Foundation and Arlene Chan’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation – The PerthRadClinic Foundation will take on the commitment of $10 per Mammogram during October to a maximum of approximately $10,000 pa

Movember or other Prostate Cancer Charity to a maximum of $10,000 per year

Educational Scholarships and Research Fellowships (eg Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Associate in Translational ); maximum contribution $30,000 pa

Social community based programs; maximum $20,000 pa

A maximum term for a commitment to a charity/project prior to re-commitment is 3 years.

The PerthRadClinic Foundation will seek to advertise its participation in the proposed program in PRC’s publications.

Choice of recipient

PerthRadClinic Foundation welcomes suggestions from staff on the type of charities and research programs that it supports or may establish. Suggested recipients must meet the criteria of the PerthRadClinic Foundation’s mission statement to be considered.

Submissions from such charities and research organisations will be sought. The application process will include an interview with the Board of PerthRadClinic Foundation.