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All diagnostic imaging examinations performed at Perth Radiological Clinic are interpreted by highly trained and experienced radiologists.

Reports to Referring Practitioners

This report will be sent to the practitioner who ordered your study. In turn, he or she will discuss these results with you. All results are now routinely made available to our referrers via our digital network. Alternatively they can be delivered to your doctor by mail or fax. Please let us know if you would like us to forward a copy of your results to any additional healthcare professionals.

Australian Government My Health Record

For patients with an Australian Government My Health Record, your reports will be contributed on your behalf providing you have not requested otherwise.

Patient Report and Scanned Image Portal

Perth Radiological Clinic has a patient report and scanned image portal, myPRC. You can view your radiology reports and images, download them and share them if you wish. Images are usually available the same day the scan was performed and reports are available on the patient portal 7 days from when the report is sent to your practitioner. This is in keeping with the Australian Government My Health Record.

For more details about the myPRC Patient Portal, please visit

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