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The face mask issue

Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) wants to assure everyone that we are strictly adhering to the current Commonwealth Government’s Covid-19 recommendations on the use of face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are closely monitoring these recommendations on a daily basis and making changes to our practices as recommendations are updated. The appropriateness of […]

Perth Radiological Clinic’s response to COVID-19, Perth 2020

Perth Radiological Clinic is continuing to monitor the information provided by the Australian Health Department and the WA Health Department on the respiratory illness outbreak caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). We have policies in place designed to ensure that the safety of our patients and staff is our first priority. Patients will be asked a set […]

Perth Radiological Clinic Research: helping bring new technology to Perth and the world

Dr Martin Blake, Perth Radiological Clinic Chairman, is excited to announce that Perth Radiological Clinic has been chosen to collaborate with GE, one of the world’s leading innovators in radiology technology. The GE – Perth Radiological Clinic collaboration was announced on Monday, Chicago time at the commencement of the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) […]

Perth Radiological Clinic – what we are doing to keep everyone safe.

At Perth Radiological Clinic we take the health and safety of our patients, doctors, and staff very seriously. The Covid-19 outbreak is evolving rapidly and we are committed to keeping up to date with all of the Federal and State Health Department guidelines and recommendations.

We have introduced several measures to help keep our patients and staff safe. While many of these are normal infection precautions some have been specifically introduced in response to Covid-19.

Essentially all the changes we have made are designed to limit the potential for cross infection, that is limiting the potential for the virus to be passed between individuals.

We understand that this is a worrying time for everyone. We apologise for the inconvenience these necessary changes cause and thank you for understanding as to why these measures have been introduced. In Summary:

  • Our Covid-19 Response Team convenes each morning 7 days a week to assess the situation and make changes to ensure we look after our patients and staff;
  • Strict hand hygiene is in place for anyone entering or leaving the clinic, please follow instructions;
  • Our staff are important, and we ensure they don’t come to work if they are feeling unwell or sick;
  • Infection control procedures are constantly reviewed, and changes are made as specifically recommended for the Covid-19 outbreak;
  • We have reduced the number of patients allowed in the waiting room at any one time to maintain social distancing as recommended;
  • We have contacted our referring doctors and other practitioners informing them about the changes we have put in place for everyone’s safety;
  • We are not accepting patients with any cold or flu-like symptoms to our community clinics. Non-urgent investigations are delayed;
  • Urgent investigations in patients with any cold or flu-like symptoms will be triaged for appropriate imaging access.

So rest assured, we are doing everything we can to make Perth Radiological Clinic a safe place to come for your medical imaging investigations.