Dr Rahul Lakshmanan


Rahul graduated from the University of Western Australia’s Medical School in 2007. He commenced his radiology training locally in the WA Radiology Training Scheme in 2010 and completed his registrar training in 2015 when he was awarded FRANZCR. He completed a two year Neuroradiology fellowship in London in February 2017, where he trained in both adult and paediatric neuroimaging at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Imperial College Healthcare Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospitals. Concurrently he was a Consultant Radiologist at Everlight Radiology in London from 2015 – 2017.  Rahul returned to Perth in early 2017 where he joined Perth Radiological Clinic, being made a partner in 2021. He also holds an appointment as a Consultant Radiologist at Perth Children’s Hospital.

  • Adult Neuroradiology, Paediatric Neuroradiology, Paediatric imaging
  • Pan London Neuroradiology Fellowship 2015-2017 London, UK
  • Perth Children’s Hospital 2017-current
  • Do Measurements of Inner Ear Structures Help in the Diagnosis of Inner Ear Malformations? A Review of Literature. D’Arco F, Talenti G, Lakshmanan R, Stephenson K, Siddiqui A, Carney O; Otol Neurotol.2017Dec;38(10):e384-e392
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