Healthcare Professionals in Perth


Perth Radiological Clinic currently boasts a digitally linked network of conveniently located comprehensive community and hospital based branches throughout the Perth metropolitan area. The clinic now employs 70 specialist radiologists and approximately 600 technical and customer service support staff. Our state of the art digital network allows every radiologist immediate access to all patient images across the entire practice allowing specialist reporting of complex cases. The network facilitates collaboration, information sharing and teaching and has had a significant impact on the way we practice radiology in order to achieve the best possible clinical management. In addition, the network now has the capacity to store securely all images in a digital archive for at least the next seven years. Our new updated digital interface will also allow our valued referrers electronic access to all referred cases together with the ability to view their patients’ previous reports and images and to transfer reports and images to other clinicians.

Our radiologists are always available to discuss particular imaging requirements and report interpretations.

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