Nurse Practitioners

Items DescriptorsLimitations
57509x-ray - hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm
57515x-ray - combination upper extremity
57521x-ray - foot, ankle, lower leg, upper leg (femur)
58503x-ray - chest
58506x-ray - chest with fluoroscopy
58509x-ray - thoracic inlet/ trachea
58521x-ray - left ribs, right ribs or sternum
57523X-ray knee
57527X-ray combination lower extremity
57703X-ray Shoulder/scapula
57709X-ray Clavicle
57712X-ray Hip
57715X-ray Pelvis
57721X-ray Femur – internal fixation of neck or intertrochanteric fracture
58524x-ray - both ribs or right ribs & sternum or left ribs & sternum
58527x-ray - both ribs & sternum
55036ultrasound - abdomen
55070ultrasound - breast x 1
55076ultrasound - breast x 2
55768ultrasound – multiple pregnancy 22+ weeks
55800Ultrasound hand
55804Ultrasound forearm/elbow
55808Ultrasound shoulderMBS clinical criteria restrictions apply
55812Ultrasound chest/abdominal wall
55816Ultrasound hip
55820Ultrasound paediatric hip
55824Ultrasound buttock/thigh
55828Ultrasound knee applyMBS clinical criteria restrictions apply
55832Ultrasound lower leg
55836Ultrasound ankle/hindfoot
55840Ultrasound midfoot/forefoot
55844Ultrasound assessment of mass
55848Ultrasound msk pre-operative - aspiration or injection
55850Ultrasound msk pre-operative including diagnostic scan - aspiration or injection
55852Ultrasound paediatric spine
Other Ultrasound guided injectionsNon-musculoskeletal procedures within scope of practice and at Radiologist discretion* no Medicare rebate if not musculoskeletal
Examination RequestRegionsMedicare Limitations
CTWithin scope of practice**
CT Guided InjectionsWithin scope of practice & at radiologist discretion**
DEXAWithin scope of practice**
MRIWithin scope of practice**
Nuclear Medicine & PETWithin scope of practice**
X-rayRegions not listed above, within scope of practice**
UltrasoundRegions not listed above, within scope of practice**
Shockwave TherapyWithin scope of practice**

** No Medicare rebate for patients referred by nurse practitioners. For patients expecting to receive a Medicare rebate, please ensure the supervising medical practitioner is listed as the referring doctor with the nurse practitioner receiving a courtesy copy.