myPRC LogoPatient Portal FAQs

Who creates my account?

The staff at Perth Radiological Clinic create your account and will provide you with instructions on how to activate your account. You will receive an email with a link to myPRC Patient Portal and be provided with an activation code.

How do I activate my account?

Follow the instructions indicated in the email you received from Perth Radiological Clinic.

Click on the ‘Activate Account’ link which will direct you to the myPRC Patient Portal website address where you can complete your registration. Type your activation code. Create a username and password. Log in to the Patient Portal.

A couple of tips:

  • When entering your date of birth, use the calendar icon to step you through the process.  This will ensure you have the right date format.
  • When creating your password you will need to meet the five password criteria which are listed on the password creation page. A strong password ensures your information remains secure. Each criterion will change colour when your password complies.

How long do I have before my activation code expires?

Your activation code will expire after 1 week.  To request a new activation code or for assistance with your activation visit PRCs website, select Enquiry Type ‘Activation Enquiry’ and complete the required information.

Why isn’t my account activating?

Did you receive your activation code over 1 week ago? If so, it has expired and you will need to request a new activation code. You can request a new code or seek activation assistance from PRCs website  Select Enquiry Type ‘Activation Enquiry’ and complete the required information.

How can I change my password?

Follow the instructions on the login screen under “Forgot Password?”

What if I forget my password?

If you cannot remember your password, click ‘Forgot My Password’ link on the Home page and follow the steps. You will receive an email with a temporary password that you can use to log in and reset your password.

What if I forget my username?

You will receive your username and password in a password recovery email.  Click ‘Forgot My Password’ link on the Home page and follow the steps.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, you must contact Perth Radiological Clinic. The staff can delete your account.

How can I update my personal information?

Contact your PRC clinic.

How long will my account remain active?

Your account will lapse if it is not accessed by you for a full year.  You can request your account to be reinstated if it should become inactive.

How can I access my reports?

Your reports are in My Exam History. Click an exam to see the corresponding reports and images.

Can I download my reports?

No, but you can copy and paste the report or print it from the browser.

Why can’t I see my report?

Your report is available on the eighth day after your exam is finalised, images are available immediately.

How can I access my images?

Your images are in My Exam History. When you click an exam, you have access to reports and the corresponding images. Images are presented as thumbnails that you can click to increase the size of the image. You can also pan and zoom images.

Can I download my images?

Yes. In the Image Viewer, click the Download button.

What actions can I perform on an image?

You can pan and zoom images. You can also swipe right or left to see the next or previous image within the same exam, if applicable. On mobile devices, you can pinch the image.

Why can’t I see all of my PRC visits?

If you have had a PRC visit when you were a hospital in-patient or it is a visit from many years ago, it may not appear in your visit list on myPRC Patient Portal.  Please contact Perth Radiological Clinic for assistance with accessing visits of this nature.

Where can I get the mobile version of the myPRC Patient Portal?

There is no App for the myPRC Patient Portal. However, it is viewable on a mobile device using a browser. You can set a bookmark or install a link on your home screen.

What do I do if I need assistance with myPRC Patient Portal?

For assistance with myPRC Patient Portal please visit PRCs website and complete the enquiry form.  A Perth Radiological Clinic staff member will respond.

How can I make a booking at Perth Radiological Clinic?

You can make a booking at Perth Radiological Clinic by following this link Make a Booking

How do I scroll through images?

For personal computers or laptops, if you are using a mouse, first click on the image thumbnail. Next, position the mouse cursor (arrow) over the image sequence, then use the roller on the mouse to scroll up or down through the images. If you are using a laptop you can also use the touchpad. First click on the image thumbnail. Next, position the cursor (arrow) over the image sequence then using two fingers on the touchpad, drag your fingers up or down to scroll up or down through the images. On mobile devices, to scroll through the images, touch the image and move your finger up or down. Scroll left or right to move through the thumbnails.

Exam Sharing

Can I share my exams?

Yes. You can share your exam images and reports with others. Because your exams can contain sensitive medical information, only share your exams with people you trust.

How do I share an exam?

Open the exam in My Exams, and then click or tap the share button. Fill in the required information and choose whether to send the invitation by email or to print a paper copy of the invitation. The invitation contains a link/URL and a verification code that lets others access the exam. You can create multiple invitations for one exam, and share many exams at once.

Why can’t I share my exam?

You can share an exam only after the exam’s report appears in Patient Portal. If the exam report does not appear in Patient Portal, the share button does not appear for the exam.

How does the person I shared my exam access it?

Once the recipient receives the email or print out that contains the link/URL and verification code, they must either click the  link or enter the URL in their web browser. On the Welcome page, the recipient enters the verification code, and then clicks or taps Open Viewer.

Can I see what exams I’ve shared?

You can see a list of every exam that you previously shared in Shared Exams.

Does an invitation to share an exam expire?

You can choose when the share invitation expires when you initially share the exam. However, you can always modify the expiration at any time. Each invitation can be used to access an exam up to 10 times.

Can I give someone more/less time to look at my exam?

Yes. In My Exams, open the invitation you want to change. Click or tap Edit beside the “Shared Until” date, and then select a new date.

Can I change who an exam is being shared with?

No. You must create a new invitation to share the exam with someone else. The original recipient can still access your exam using their invitation, unless you stop sharing the exam with that person

Can I stop someone from accessing an exam I shared?

Yes. In My Exams, open the invitation you want to change. Beside “Status”, click or tap Revoke Access. No one will be able to use the invitation for this exam anymore.

Can I share an exam again?

Yes. To resend an invitation to access your exam, open the invitation in Shared Exams, then click or tap Resend Invitation. You can also open the exam in My Exams and click or tap the share button to send a new invitation.

How do I know if someone’s looked at my exam?

In Shared Exams, you can see a status for each invitation. If an invitation has not been opened, the status displays Active. If someone has opened the invitation and viewed your exam, the status displays Viewed.

The person I shared my exam with said they can’t access it. How can I fix it?

Check the status of the invitation in Shared Exams. If access is Expired or Revoked, the invitation will no longer provide access to your exam. If the invitation is Expired, open the invitation, click or tap Edit beside “Share until” and choose a new date to extend access to your exam. If the invitation is Revoked, open the invitation to see why access was revoked You cannot resend revoked invitations. However, you can still open the exam in My Exams and share the exam again to create a new invitation.

What do the statuses in Shared Exams mean?

Active: The invitation exists, but no one has used it to view your exam.

Viewed: Someone has used the invitation to view your exam.

Expired: The invitation is past the “Share until” date.

Revoked: The invitation no longer allows access to your exam and cannot be restored. However, you can still open the exam in My Exams and share the exam again to create a new invitation.