In an Australian first, Western Australian legislation was passed for chest CT to replace chest x-ray as the radiological screening test for workplace exposure to silica dust.

Silicosis has re-emerged as a major risk for industries working with engineered stone, a kitchen benchtop product that became available in Australia in recent decades.

According to specialist chest radiologist Dr Stephen Melsom, “CT scans are the new standard set by Worksafe WA for checking Western Australian workers exposed to silica dust. These scans can detect silicosis long before it is visible on chest x-ray.”

“If diagnosed early, particularly before symptoms develop, the progression of silicosis can be slowed.” Perth Radiological Clinic provides silica CT scans that meet the requirement of this new legislation at multiple clinic locations.

At Perth Radiological Clinic, silica CT scans are reported by Western Australia’s largest team of specialist chest radiologists.

“Perth Radiological Clinic experts are proud to have been involved in contributing to the significant update of the legislation, which was last amended 25-years-ago.”

Already in Western Australia, several engineered stone workers have been diagnosed with silicosis when their x-ray was normal.

Individuals who have left the industry and are not covered by the new legislation are encouraged to talk to their doctor.

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