How you can get your referral to us

How you can get your referral to us

Which referral to use?

  1. You can use your usual practice software generated referral form
  2. Download our editable PDF standard referral form
  3. If you do not have access to a referral form, complete our online e-Referral
  4. A hand written (free text) request on plain or headed paper is acceptable

Text referrals

Free text referrals will be accepted and must contain:

  • patient full name
  • DOB
  • address
  • mobile and email (so we can contact them)
  • referrer name
  • provider number
  • practice name
  • practice address
  • investigation requested
  • clinical details
  • preferred method of contact (email or mobile so we can contact you if needed)
  • referrer’s signature not required

For clinically urgent appointments, please call 1300 567 046.

If you are a patient trying to upload your referral, please go Request an Appointment