CT Calcium Score Scan

What is a coronary calcium score or scan? A coronary calcium score is a special type of multidetector CT scan that measures the amount of calcium present inside the coronary arteries. The scan uses x-rays to create detailed pictures of your heart and arteries. The calcium score is used to predict your risk of heart […]

CT Virtual Colonoscopy

What you must tell us If you suffer from abnormal heart rhythm, have had a recent heart attack or have bad angina. If there is any possibility that you may be pregnant. If you have had a recent colonoscopy and biopsy. Preparation Before the colonoscopy your bowel needs to be prepared so that it is […]

CT Small Bowel Study

Before the CT Before the examination your diet must be restricted to enable the bowel to be cleaned of residue, otherwise the examination may not be completely satisfactory. Please call into our clinic to make an appointment and collect your preparation. Preparation Information Day before examination: Evening meal – A light meal before 7pm. At […]

CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA)

Why has my doctor referred me for a CTCA? CTCA is a low risk, low radiation dose, non-invasive examination of the coronary arteries. It can accurately detect and grade stenoses or narrowing within the coronary arteries, as well as being able to demonstrate developmental anomalies of the coronary vessels. It can also be used to […]

CT Scan

Preparation There is often no preparation required for a CT scan. However, depending on the area of the body being examined you may be asked to fast for a period of time before your scan. For some examinations of the abdomen, you may be given some water or a special drink before your scan. You […]