MRI Small Bowel Study

Before the MRI Before the examination your diet must be restricted to enable the bowel to be cleaned of residue, otherwise the examination may not be completely satisfactory. Please call into our clinic to make an appointment and collect your preparation. Preparation Information Day before examination: • Evening meal – A light evening meal before […]

MRI of the Prostate

What is the evidence for Prostate MRI? The likelihood of having prostate cancer can be determined by digital rectal examination and a blood test which measures PSA, a protein secreted by normal prostate cells and in larger amounts by prostate cancer. The problem is that an elevated PSA does not definitely indicate prostate cancer as […]

MRI for Children

Preparation Before you have your scan, you and your mum or dad will be asked some questions to make sure you have no metal in your body that is not safe to go into the scan room. If you are wearing clothes that have metal on them (like zips or buttons) you will be asked […]

MRI of the Breast

What is MRI of the breast? An MRI scan involves no x-rays, as it uses magnetic fields and radio-frequency waves to produce an image that gives great detail of the breast tissue and surrounding structures. Generally, an intravenous injection of MRI contrast material (gadolinium) is required. MRI allows significant freedom for the Radiologist in choosing […]

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Preparing for MRI Examinations Most MRI examinations require no preparation. You can eat and drink normally before and after the scan. It is important to bring any previous films with you to the appointment. If you experience symptoms of claustrophobia or are unable to lie flat comfortably, then it is advisable to contact us prior […]