Radiology service upgrades to benefit patients at Joondalup Health Campus

Joondalup patients and doctors will benefit from faster and more accurate diagnosis of medical problems such as stroke, cancer and traumatic injuries following a major equipment overhaul at Perth Radiological Clinic as it prepares for the Joondalup Health Campus expansion.

Upgraded services include new computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MRI) scanners, new digital x-ray equipment and an advanced data storage system which enables all X-rays and scans to be stored digitally for seven years.

Perth Radiological Clinic operates from 19 sites in Perth, including a large practice located at Joondalup Health Campus. The Perth Radiological Clinic Partnership, via its service company partner, is part of Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging group, the I-MED Network.

The Chairman of the Partnership and the local I-Med owned company, Dr Martin Blake said the radiology group was excited to offer residents of Perth’s northern suburbs access to this advanced technology.

“Perth Radiological Clinic has a prestigious history in the provision of medical imaging services in Western Australia and boasts some of the country’s most esteemed specialised radiologists.  We’re proud to expand the services offered to patients to ensure the highest standard in diagnostic reporting and service delivery. The sophisticated new technology will deliver highly precise images, increasing the likelihood of early diagnosis of illness and enabling more effective treatment,” Dr Blake said.

Managing Radiologist at Joondalup Health Campus, Dr Martin Marshall, said the new MRI machine will benefit patients with a range of health problems including cancer, musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.

“The clinic’s new 1.5T MRI scanner offers the latest in MRI software, allowing for the production of clearer images in less time.  Patients can expect significant improvements in image quality and, with reduced scanning times and broader capabilities, the new MRI scanner will provide greater flexibility in terms of patient scheduling and turnaround time,” Dr Marshall said.

“We’ve also installed a 64-slice CT scanner that provides significantly clearer scans, faster examinations, lower radiation doses and increased comfort for patients, including less claustrophobia.  It also has a range of benefits for patients and their doctors, including its ability to provide coronary angiograms and also enables more effective scanning in other body areas and conditions,” he added.

“The key advantage of a 64-slice machine is that we can take a greater number of simultaneous images or slices, allowing more data to be taken in a much shorter scanning time, so it’s quicker and more comfortable for the patient. We then analyse the images digitally and can see finer detail than we could previously.”

The clinic has also upgraded its already comprehensive secure image storage system.  “Our original infrastructure enabled us to store images electronically for a variable amount of time at multiple sites. The new facilities allow for all new data from all of our suburban clinics and hospital departments to be kept for at least seven years on a secure and powerful network, which is already directly accessible to treating doctors whenever required via our secured internet based system, PRC-Direct,” Dr Marshall said.

Perth Radiological Clinic Partnership is the oldest private medical imaging practice in Perth and has been part of the I-Med Network since 2002. Perth Radiological Clinic at Joondalup Health Campus is located on the corner of Grand Boulevard and Shenton Avenue in Joondalup. Tel (08) 9400 0500.

About the I-MED Network

The I-MED Network is Australia’s largest private diagnostic imaging network, covering all major metropolitan areas and significant parts of rural and regional Australia.

Across Australia, the I-MED Network operates over 220 diagnostic imaging clinics. Annually, over 4.5 million patient examinations are performed by 350 specialist radiologists, 50 nuclear physicians, and 4,500 staff, making it one of the largest providers of diagnostic imaging in the world. This network allows the local Radiologists to access the Networks large range of sub-speciality Radiologists, if required, allowing even more targeted diagnostic information to our referring Doctors.

I-MED is committed to providing the best quality of service to its referrers and patients by offering comprehensive imaging services in all modalities of this increasingly expanding branch of diagnostic medicine.


Pictured above Mr Tony O’Gorman MLA, Member for Joondalup, Mrs Lenka Psar-McCabe General Manager, Perth Radiological Clinic, and Dr Kim Hames MLA, Deputy Premier, Minister for Health & Indigineous Affairs.