PRC Direct improves patient care and protects the environment

Perth Radiological Clinic has long been at the forefront of adopting new medical imaging technology to benefit the patients that it serves in Western Australia. The clinic is very proud of its achievements in bringing new technology to Perth and is also leading the way in the development of its own “in house” digital online interface with doctors.

Unlike other radiology providers in Perth, Perth Radiological Clinic decided not to opt for an “off the shelf” product, taking the early initiative to employ its own software developers and IT specialists to custom build a solution that can continue to evolve as the needs of its referring doctors and patients change.

The interface, called PRC Direct ™, allows doctors to log in and view all their patients’ reports and images anywhere, anytime on their PC or Mac. The latest addition to this complete digital solution is a free App for iPhones and iPads, allowing doctors access to results when not at their clinic computer.

A major benefit of the new interface is that the requirement for ‘hard copy’ images on film is dramatically reduced, which is a major plus for the environment. The environmental impact of producing film has long been a concern in the industry, so any initiative to reduce the need for film is certainly good news for the environment.

Added to this is PRC’s new digital storage archive, believed to be an Australian first, which now stores all patients’ complete radiological history for at least seven years from when they were taken. Ongoing, this will have a major impact on the management of long term diseases such as cancer as doctors will have easy and immediate digital access to all of their patients’ imaging results.