New fully comprehensive imaging clinic now open in Joondalup

Perth Radiological Clinic is pleased to announce that its new imaging clinic located in Joondalup at the newly opened Shenton House is now fully operational.

The new department includes a brand new MRI scanner, low dose radiation CT scanner and digital x-ray service as well as a new ultrasound wing and dedicated breast imaging suite which operates a new full field digital mammogram service.

A new PET/CT service, the first one in Perth’s northern suburbs is due to open in the next week or so. Bookings can be made by calling the clinic on 9400 0600 or you can book your appointment online via our website.

If you want expert, local, friendly and state-of-the-art care, bring your imaging referral to Perth Radiological Clinic, Joondalup.

The new MRI scanner, above is now fully operational as is the low dose CT scanner, below.