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Perth Radiological Clinic Foundation

At PRC, we believe in giving back to the community. We are proud to support advances in social and health care outcomes for the Western Australian community via our Perth Radiological Clinic (PerthRadClinic) Foundation. 

The PerthRadClinic Foundation was established in 2014 with the mission of: 

Fostering improvement in social and healthcare outcomes for the Western Australian community by supporting innovation in medicine, health education, community programs, and staff participation in charitable activities. 

The PerthRadClinic Foundation have supported various charities across Western Australia, some include: 

The PerthRadClinic Foundation aims to raise awareness to support the many patients we serve.  

Before the foundation can sponsor a charity, the charity/research organisation must: 

  • Be a registered gift recipient (DRG) 
  • Have a mission statement consistent with the objectives of the foundation 
  • Have a specific purpose identified for the funds which has clearly articulated objectives and a regular reporting program 
  • Have a reasonable and prudent operating cost structures. 

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