Meet Our Doctors


Perth Radiological Clinic is a Practice of over 70 radiologists including some of the most talented specialist radiologists in the country.  We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to imaging and are recognised nationally as a leader in diagnostic medical imaging. Radiologists are highly trained specialist doctors.  Each radiologist has completed a six year medical degree and a varying period of clinical medical practice, prior to undertaking five years of specialist training in diagnostic radiology. Many of our radiologists have also completed additional specialist fellowship training in their chosen areas of interest.

Many are recognised locally, nationally and internationally as experts in their chosen field. Our radiologists are all involved in continuing medical education and many have been invited to lecture at local, national and international medical conferences. Approximately half of our radiologists also work in the Medical Imaging Departments of Perth’s major teaching hospitals. Our class leading digital network allows all our radiologists access to any case across the network ensuring a high level of expertise is applied to the reporting of all examinations.